Measure out fun with this MGA Entertainment Poopsie Surprise Slime unicorn toy. Its special design and ingredients let children form customized slime, and the key chain container prevents their creations from drying out. This MGA Entertainment Poopsie Surprise Slime unicorn toy includes a comb so kids can fashion a variety of hairstyles.

  • This figure is chosen at random Order online for a surprise character, or stop by your local Best Buy store to make your selection.
  • Fantastic unicorn characters You get one of the available unicorns Dazzle Darling or Whoopsie Doodle for hours of fun.
  • Collectible unicorn poop Each time you feed it and sit it on its glitter potty, the unicorn creates a surprise, a collectible unicorn poop.
  • Unicorn comes with its favorite items Use your imagination to explore and customize the exciting world of unicorns.
  • Recommended minimum age Suitable for children aged 5 and older.
  • The item you receive may be different from the ones pictured. Item selection from is random. We cannot accept requests for specific items. If you order more than one, you may receive duplicates.

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